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Junction is the Neolace resource hub, with documentation, blog posts, and more to come.

What is Neolace?

Neolace is a tool for managing knowledge collaboratively - either privately within an organization or publicly online. It's a combination of a wiki, a knowledge graph, a content management system, and a version control system. The focus is on making it easy to input, connect, and organize, and explore knowledge. Knowledge is not just facts or data, but also articles, explanations, and images. Learn more in our Introduction to Neolace.

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We also have in-depth "deep dive" articles will to help developers and site administrators understand how Neolace works, and why it has been designed the way it has. Currently available deep dives:


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Sample Content

We have some sample content in development, used to show some features of Neolace and to serve as examples throughout the documentation. See a graph of these demo entries.