DescriptionDisplay an interactive graph visualization of the given entries.


This function will display an interactive graph of the specified entries. Up to 5,000 entries can be displayed initially. If the included entries have relationships to other entries, "placeholder" nodes will be shown in the graph, which you can then click on to display those entries as well. This process can continue indefinitely, adding more and more entries to the graph interactively.

For details on how the graph layout algorithm works, see the blog post Improving Our Graph Visualization.


First argument: an Entry or a set of Entries that we want to visualize interactively.


  1. Graph of a few specific entries:

  2. Graph of all entries of particular Entry Types:

  3. Graph of all entries related to a particular entry:

  4. Graph of all entries:

    This isn't a particularly useful example for Neolace Junction because so many entries don't have relationships to each other. On other datasets it can be very useful.